Feng Shui Fundamentals

This course is specifically designed to introduce Feng Shui Principles for all students. The one day program simplifies the concepts and acquaints the student with the basic ingredients of this ancient art. Great for the beginner! Feng Shui correlates health, wealth and happiness with how we decorate and design our home and work environments.

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Mary Dennis’ Fundamental Feng Shui class was wonderful. She was able to simplify the concept and explain the many elements Feng Shui entails. Such a worthwhile class, especially for the nature of my business.
–Sean Johnson, Organized Bliss,
–Professional Organizer, SC

The Feng Shui Fundamental , Change Your Life, Change Your Space Workshop with Mary Dennis has such a can-do, common sense approach to creating the space in your living environment. She teaches the most appropriate placement of your belongings so that you feel harmony, balance, and comfort. What an empowering experience! I feel blessed by the opportunity to hear from Mary Dennis, as she is a motivating, inspiring, and extremely knowledgeable leader and innovator of interior design. Her designs and teachings incorporate spirituality, healing and healthy living.
–Martha Ann Stuckey, Stuckey Furniture,
–Mt. Pleasant, SC