The Graceful Lifestyles 5 Day Program with Mary Dennis was extremely well organized and conducted. It was perfect for someone like me , looking to learn feng shui but didn’t  know where to start. It had a great balance of basic foundation to advanc4d applications.  Thank you MD.
­—Karen Mann

Wonderful evolving and transformational experience. Well worth the investment!!
Sherry Ways

Mix equal parts of love, professionalism, wisdom, experience and humor and you get Mary Dennis. What a deal, what a joy!!
—Thank you,
Wendy West

Mary Dennis-for you….. I am sure you know how grateful I am to you, for making this experience possible. These five days have opened up doors in my life where others were closed. I’ve never felt as vulnerable as I did prior to entering your program.  Thank you for keeping me aligned with my destiny and purpose.

Prior to attending your course I honestly thought I knew what I needed to do for my feng shui Interior Design Business, -Vision NU. I am so glad I took the opportunity to attend Graceful Lifestyles. This course has given me focus, insight to challenges and opportunities I would never have imagined experiencing.  Your knowledge and wisdom has grounded me and my business. I for-see success no matter what comes my way. You are my light.
—Thank you,

Dear Mary Dennis, thank you for a soulful, empowering experience. You are a brilliant presence and I benefited equally from your presence and teachings. This program was exactly what I needed and I learned so much. I am excited to begin using what I learned to create a home of beauty and harmony.
—In gratitude,
Hana Schnieder

The Five Day Workshop was extremely impactful and empowering. Not only do I have a new found appreciation for feng shui, as importantly my spirituality, and sense of my being were strengthened immensely.

Mary Dennis’s program is a practical and personal way to combine the energy of feng shui principals with common sense thinking of Interior Design. Taking her program has changed the way that I will consult –to my, and my clients benefit.
—Michelle Skally Doilney