Avoid holiday stress with simplicity and balance!

The key to success, during this holiday season, is a sensible display of the ornaments.

Going overboard with holiday decorations can create too much visual stimulation, especially for young children and senior citizens.  Too many items, in a small space, tire the eye, and overload the brain, which can deplete your energy.

Also, the high stimulation, of the color red can influence ones anxiety. When we decorate with too much holiday- red, we can feel a lack of concentration. Our emotional stability and relationships are affected.  We may feel stressed and argumentative.

When used in a balanced ratio, this vibrant color can also influence our energy towards a peaceful, happy, and successful life. Use this vivid color, and integrate it with balance.   Spend your money on special gifts, rather than on cluttering ornamentation.  Stay with a high, holiday spirit, and decorate with quality and grace.

Bring about holiday cheer with these Conscious Lifestyles tips:

  • Choose a few large holiday decorations to make a special statement. Discard any broken ornaments to help clear any clutter in your holiday storage box.


  • Work with the holiday decorations you already have and appreciate the memories they hold.


  • Renew tired ornaments with non-toxic craft paint, great for children holiday projects.



  • Recycle an old topiary with new holiday silk flowers.


  • Decorate with consumable food, like nuts, fresh fruit, and cookies.


  • Decorate with Mother Nature. Cuttings of evergreens bring respite to tired eyes and fresh aroma to enclosed stale air.


  • When people feel happy, they accomplish more. Take a tip from music therapist expert Enicia Fisher: Play easily-recognized soft music without voices. This encourages signing or humming to oneself to fill in the lyrics.

Peace on Earth Good Will to All Mankind,

Many Blessings,

Mary Dennis, EDAC

Evidence Based designs, Accredited and Certified

School of Graceful Lifestyles   www.consciosulife.style