The Spirit of Home

The holidays are a good time for all to honor home, and to check the personal paradise which we have designed. The home, which we have created as sacred space, here on earth.

Home is my safe haven, a place which provides a sense comfort, safety, and love. A place where we live with our family, pets, and likeminded people. Home is a place where you feel like you belong, a grounding space, a comfort zone, a place to build memories, and to build future wealth.  Home is where we can truly be ourselves, which is a metaphor for our lives, a symbol of our entire self.


All things are reflected through our homes.  The following is a brief overview of important design components to assure harmony is maintained in our havens.

When designing your rooms, it is important to address both the physical and psychological components of place, especially those that contribute to healing. Environmental elements such as air quality, temperature, lighting, sounds, smells, and views of nature are the makeup of the place, which will support your mental health and overall well-being. Always, be mindful to provide safety and comfort as your basic intent!


Design your home so the daily image reflects the opportunity for clear thinking to take place.  Clearing the clutter is imperative. We all struggle with an overload of information, it is important to remember when we clear our clutter, we make room for new experiences, and new things to come into our lives. It is the core of the work as a co –creator.

Our Intentional Designs support the creation of the new realities we choose to bring into our lives. Choose your words with care and loving sentiments so as to give specific direction for your desired outcome.   Use your accessories as modern-day symbols of your intentions. Remember the importance of their placements so, they have full alignment with your hearts desires.


Chi-Energy, the essential ingredient of our environments, is invisible, yet it is in everything, animate as well as inanimate. I invite you to look at your home as alive with this energy, that everything is a symbol for something, or a memory stored away. Let’s refer to it, as the “silent voice” of our homes, always telling us something. We need only to listen!  Energy is striving for balance; a gentle interblending of opposites is our goal. Be subtle with your design changes. Find less contrast to create your new refined balance in your sacred space.


Our homes are to elicit an invitation of well-being. Be mindful to correctly incorporate the five elements, the building blocks of all things physical. Each element has a color, shape, emotion, and body part associated with it.  Influence your space with placement, color, and patterns. Understand the energy of the elements and their interaction, and attributes—keep them always in balance.


In addition, every home’s energy will benefit by including an altar. An altar is a dedicated space which honors your spirit, your guides, helpers, and allies. It could be a simple shelf, or a specific space on your dresser. It is a place of ritual and ceremony. Pictures of loved ones, flowers, written intentions, prayers, and special objects are examples of what people may place on their altars to magnify gratitude and healing.

In close, celebrate your home as your sanctuary. Incorporate intentional, holiday spirit, and design with a sense of balance, quality, and grace.

Bring about holiday cheer with home crafted decorations.

Here are a few recommendations.

  • Make a simple, framed note on parchment that says:

“We love the earth and choose to celebrate with nature.”

  • Choose a few large holiday decorations to make a special statement.
  • Work with the holiday decorations you already have and appreciate the memories they hold.
  • Renew tired ornaments with non-toxic craft paint, great for children holiday projects.
  • Recycle an old topiary with new holiday silk flowers.
  • Decorate with consumable food, like nuts, fresh fruit, and cookies.
  • Decorate with Mother Nature. Cuttings of evergreens bring respite to tired eyes and fresh aroma to enclosed stale air.
  • When people feel happy, they accomplish more. Take a tip from music therapist expert Enica Fisher: Play easily recognized soft music without voices. This encourages singing or humming to oneself to fill in the lyrics.


I wish you all many blessings for this Holiday Season.

Peace on Earth Good Will to All Mankind,