Feng Shui Home Staging

The pinnacle of home staging methods, Feng Shui Staging is the best way to sell your home quickly, easily and profitably. Why? Because Feng Shui Staging is the only home staging technique that bolsters savvy sales strategies with 5000 years of wisdom.

Over 50% of human communication is nonverbal. When a prospective buyer walks into a home and is immediately turned off, they often have a hard time articulating why. Usually, they are being affected by invisible cues like scent, placement of furniture, color and clutter. These factors may sound irrational, but they make a very big difference to your bottom line.

Feng Shui – pronounced fung schway – deciphers nonverbal language so that you can create an environment that is welcoming, relaxed and supportive. By applying this practice to standard home staging techniques, you can arrange your home so that buyers will feel safe, secure and supported enough to pay the asking price without a qualm. Prospective buyers will linger longer and feel good in the newly arranged home. No other staging course delivers such powerful results as Feng Shui Staging.

Mary Dennis
Feng Shui Designer

Tuition: $399


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