Meet Mary Dennis

33 (2)My life-long passion is to create healing environments. My quest for understanding the person place connection and the experiential effect of place became my driving force. My career has expanded over 40 years. Improving outcomes and affecting people lives in a positive way, included Reiki, Interior Design, Feng Shui, Evidence Based Designs, and the never ending research and development of the “experience” of environments and healing.

What I have learned over the years is;

We all experience physical, mental and emotional environments every day of our lives. These environmental experiences affect our attitude, understanding, and our responses to our current situation and largely define us as individuals.  Our entire range of emotions, from pleasure to depression can be experienced as a result of our surroundings. Our emotions have a psychological effect on our bodies. Our psychological wellness, along with our cardio vascular systems, neurological system, immune system, and endocrine functions are all interlinked and affected by environmental experiences.

To date, here at the School of Graceful Lifestyles we have created a template of Intentional Design, which result in creating calm, ease and grace. Our purposeful innovations and research enhance well- being. Our teachings create a template to sustain a lifestyle that is timeless, resulting in a soul satisfying, experiential design.

We produce intentional, environmental designs, which influence and enhance well- being. Through the correct placement of all things, a new order is physically generated to foster harmony and balance. The occupant’s intentions and hearts desires are integrated through a conscious choice of elements and energy. In conjunction with this redesign experience, the occupant feels an internal sensation.

It is a soulful alignment, which is called, Interior Attunement.

Creating Interior Attunement, blends the spirit, which is the internal environment of the occupant, (yin) with the external environment (Yang), resulting in an aligned experience of self- expression.

Interior Attunement occurs when the inner physical aspects of self are aligned, as a result of the intentional design. Through this alchemy an inner sense of well-being is experienced and valued.

Mary Dennis

Services Available

  • Corporate Educational Programs
  • Feng Shui Intentional Design
  • Feng Shui Consultations
  • Floor Plan Review
  • Home Staging
  • Workplace Strategies
  • One Day Move In
  • Distant Mentoring