The Heart of Home

In today’s current enthusiasm to stay healthy, I am reminded of the importance of our kitchen, The Heart of Our Homes.

It is important to remember, the kitchen is the heart, and health of your home. It is the second most important room in your house, as its purpose is to help nourish your mind, body, and spirit.  In todays world our kitchens also have become the soul of our homes, as this special place is where family gathers.

Honor the personalities who gather in your kitchen. Be mindful to create visual harmony. Placing photos of faraway family members into cabinets, invites a loving memory when you open the doors to get a dish or reach for a glass. Surprise feelings of pleasure, and satisfaction rise to put a smile on your face.   If your desire is to display your child’s artwork on your refrigerator; put it up neatly to maintain a sense of order.  Artwork by children adds good chi to the space, as does a copy of financial reward, for a job well done.   If you like watching cooking shows while you prepare dinner, put your viewing screen in a safe easy to see location. When not in use, cover the screen, to protect you from the emitting electromagnetic field. Use a lace doily or a pretty scarf to calm the energy.

Organize the drawers to help combat clutter. Clutter creates confusion. Use bins, storage racks, and sock organizers to help you achieve sanity in the gadget cabinet. Organize inside the cabinets too!  Countertops should be clutter free. Sanitize the counter tops, cabinet pulls, dishwasher, sinks and faucets as often as possible.  A clutter-free, clean kitchen facilitates chi flow, and is calming to the brain, which also accelerates healthy energy flow. Clutter free images aide in lowering stress levels and creates a better sense of clarity and well- being.

Kitchens also symbolize a connection between food and wealth. Place a platter or bowl filled with goodies on your table. Display edible fruits, nuts, or other food snacks to remind your subconscious of this form of wealth. Note that today’s Westerners live like kings and queens compared to centuries past as we have oranges from California, fish from the north Atlantic, asparagus from Peru, spices from India and cheeses from France. Seeing your treat options will encourage you to nurture yourself and invites a subconscious self-love.

Our stoves represent our prosperity. Add a mirror on the wall above your stove burners to double their image. Use all of the burners, even if you have a favorite, try rotating which burner you use.  Keep your stove clean and in good working order. Make sure that all appliances are in great working order, even the lights inside of them.

Set a specific time to eat meals with your family at your kitchen or dining room table. Keep your kitchen table free of bills and mail. The table represents your relationships so if you are ignoring or neglecting your kitchen table, then the same is happening to your relationships.

Edit the color red out of your kitchen as it can ‘feed’ too much passion in the space causing family disharmony and fighting.

In conclusion your kitchen feeds your mind, body and soul, and your family too!

Remember to nourish your kitchen as it has provided nourishment for you. Liven it up with fresh flowers and love it!!