The Heart of Home

In today’s current enthusiasm to stay healthy, I am reminded of the importance of our kitchen, The Heart of Our Homes. It is important to remember, the kitchen is the heart, and health of your home. It is the second most important room in your house, as its purpose is to help nourish your mind, […]

The Spirit of Home

The holidays are a good time for all to honor home, and to check the personal paradise which we have designed. The home, which we have created as sacred space, here on earth. Home is my safe haven, a place which provides a sense comfort, safety, and love. A place where we live with our […]

Avoid holiday stress with simplicity and balance!

The key to success, during this holiday season, is a sensible display of the ornaments. Going overboard with holiday decorations can create too much visual stimulation, especially for young children and senior citizens.  Too many items, in a small space, tire the eye, and overload the brain, which can deplete your energy. Also, the high […]