Intentional Environmental Design program

Intentional Environmental Design program

Are you ready to create environments that uplift, heal and inspire? Are you ready to feel the impact that environmental designs with intention can create for you and your clients? Design is not just a tool – design is integral to empowering our lives. When we intentionally harness its impact, we have the ability to transform and direct our experience.

The Intentional Environmental Design Professional Certification is an integrative five day program that merges the technical and creative aspects of interior design with ancient healing modalities.

Students will learn to ideate and execute designs that have a direct and immediate psychological, physical, and energetic effect as well as professional tools and techniques to succeed in design, healing, and Real estate industries.

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Your new redesign skills will:

  • Add another level of confidence.
  • Align the person place connection through design.
  • Generate additional revenue streams.
  • Deliver value through high-quality outcomes

This program is ideal for anyone looking to:

  • Enhance your business!
  • Align through design, the person-place connection.
  • Take a deeper dive into the science of place and well-being.
  • Use the basic Feng Shui Design skills to craft a sophisticated and harmonious home for your family.

Patterned after the many popular makeover classes, you will be taught:

  •  How to blend what’s already in the space with new design elements.
  • The focus is on maximum impact with minimum cost.

Incorporated in this five day program is a template that can be used again and again. Acquiring basic skills such as:

  • Palette selection
  • Floor plan designs
  • Furniture styles
  • Vendor alliances
  • Portfolio assembly and successful business procedures will enrich the practice of each consultant.
From the moment I meet Mary Dennis I knew I was in the presence of someone very special. I had an immediate resonance with her energy and her level of conscious awareness. In my early years of studying energy healing and feng shui, I use to put my focus on what I am going to learn from this class/teacher. In recent years my focus has been directed to how can this teacher/healer support my conscious awakening and further my development as a practitioner of the healing arts. I am no longer driven to the knowledge piece rather the vibration of the practitioner and how they can help raise my own vibration and Mary Dennis did just that. Right away you know you are in the presence of someone who is living the work she is teaching. She is direct and to the point and pushes you to be all that you can be, all that she knows you are capable of being, as she is not attached to your story. The growth I have attained in the short time I have know MD is remarkable. The 5 day Redesign program was all that I thought it would be and then some. Her manual for the class is so comprehensive you won’t need to purchase another Feng Shui book. The class broke down barriers in my approach to Feng Shui and how I analyze and design a space. Mary invites you to step out of the box and take your practice to the next level. Her class is definitely worth the investment. This program has given me a wealth of knowledge and interest to further pursue learning in designing interiors and in Feng Shui. I am eager to begin a new career and feel I have the continued support of Graceful Lifestyles and all the new colleagues I have met. The experience was wonderful. Mary Dennis is a blessing to my life and a true inspiration.
Lisa Doyle

This course differs from other interior design programs in that Graceful Lifestyles™ looks beyond the surface decorating into the very soul of the space.

Feng Shui addresses the harmony and balance unique to each dwelling.

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You will be certified as a Graceful Lifestyles™ Consultant

upon completion of this five-day program.