One Day Move In™ Certification Program

One Day Move In™ Certification Program

The template for this class was specifically created and designed to resolve the stress and frustration normally associated with moving into a new home. In the One Day Move In™ Certification Program, the Graceful Lifestyles™ Designer will receive a proven guideline on how to organize, direct, receive and place all furnishings, accessories and fine art in One Day, resulting in: No Boxes, No Mess, No Clutter, No Stress.

Your clients will witness an amazing transition whereby dozens of cardboard boxes are transformed into the home of their dreams. They will continue to reap the benefits of their One Day Move In™ for the years to come, living in an environment shaped according to the principals of Feng Shui and Interior Design.

The One Day Move In™ Certification Program is being offered to the Graceful Lifestyles™ graduate who is interested in fine tuning the aspects of this process.

Please see Calendar for dates this course will be offered.

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