A Conscious Life is Present, aware, light, and love.  Conscious Life is Spirit. It is the attribute of God that dwells within humanity. The Great I AM, the Tao, The Life Force.

Conscious Presence is inner knowledge and the willingness to observe without attachment.


Languaging Your Personal Chi

Words shape our consciousness. Our language and our feelings directly influence our health, wealth, success, unity and our abilities of understanding. This class will alert you to the use of your every day words and how they are affecting your reality. Your relationship with words will be completely transformed in a positive, enriching, regenerative way.

Mary Dennis will demonstrate how language, the words you are familiar with, hinder or help in your personal and professional relationships. How your choice of words can empower your clients and enrich your lives.

The class is straight forward and easy to learn information having immediate influence on your life’s success. It is designed to move from the language of self-sabotage to the language of Feng Shui success, through the power of conscious choice. This is a series of 6 one-hour classes offered remotely over a three-month term.

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Conscious Languaging Program Level II Intensive

Having completed the Conscious Languaging Program, this series of 3 intensive classes offered remotely over three weeks focuses on 3 key elements: IMAGINATION, VISUALIZATION, and AWAKENED PRESENCE.

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As for the Conscious Languaging teleclasses, they supported me in continuing to breakdown self-limiting beliefs and to help me become even more aware of how I sabotage myself and my heart’s desires through my words, thoughts and beliefs. Even though I have been doing energy work for 10+years, MD’s class allowed me to go deeper with my programming and helped me to rewire and re-story some old lingering programming. The group dynamic was supportive and I looked forward to connecting with everyone each week. I plan to continue with conscious languaging II and see where it takes me on my journey.
–Krista Polinsky, Feng Shui and Energy Medicine Practitioner
The Conscious Languaging Program has helped me to identify self-sabatoging & negative words and thoughts. It has also given me the tools to transform my thoughts and words to live a more positive, harmonious, and balanced life. I highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to increase their awareness, improve their relationships, and experience life with peace and happiness.
–Kathleen Carter