BridgetBridget Driggers received her education in Interior Design from Auburn University and University of Tennessee – Chattanooga. In 1995, she started her studies in Feng Shui. After studying with several Masters, including Denise Linn, she became a certified Interior Alignment practitioner. Since 2000, her business, Bridget’s Designs, Ltd, has been combining Interior Design and Feng Shui principles to complete commercial and residential projects. She started the Georgia chapter of International Feng Shui Guild and increased their membership by setting up a regional chapter structure as the first Regional Director of the Southeast. She went on to serve on the Board of Directors as the Director of Communications. Bridget retired from serving with the Guild in order to start a non-profit organization with her two children that provides free information to transitioning young adults in college and beyond. Bridget is happy to be back working with her Guild colleague Mary Dennis as a Graceful Lifestyles™ consultant and teacher. LTD.