Change Your Space, Change Your Life

Change Your Space

Change Your Life

I dedicate this book to my maternal Greek Grandmother, Elle Pappas, who taught me the importance of order. As a child, when I would come home from school and ask her a question, she would say to me, “Go upstairs to your bedroom, remove a dresser drawer, dump all the clothes on top of the bed, fold them, and then put them back into the drawer, and when you have completed this task, you will have your answer.” Looking back, she had such insight. I now realize I answered my own questions through the process of order.

My life-long passion is to create healing environments. My quest for understanding the person – place connection and the experiential effect of place became my driving force. My career has expanded over 40 years. Improving outcomes and affecting people’s lives in a positive way, included Reiki, Intentional Environmental Design, Feng Shui, EvidenceBased Designs, and the never-ending research and development of the “experience” of environments and healing. My ultimate intention is to raise awareness, and to provide a sustainable template for enhanced well-being ~ a global Interior Attunement.

I invite you to create your personal paradise—it is easier than you think. Make a promise for your future and dream out loud. I will be with you every step of the way.

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Mary Dennis

Intentional Environmental Design Consultant,
Co-Founder and President Emeritus of the International Feng Shui Guild