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A note from Mary Dennis

Conscious Languaging, I love this program, and I am inspired every time I have an opportunity to share this life changing material. Conscious Languaging awakens you to the energy of your personal expression, and your personal power to create your hearts desires.

Every word you utter has energy! Every word you say is a creative force! How you language who you are becomes your reality.  When your words, thoughts and emotions align your universe aligns as well.

Join us and become a mindful, conscious co-creator; this is a great opportunity to make profound changes in your lives.

I am enthusiastic and I look forward to hearing your voices and sharing this beautiful journey of self- awareness with each of you. Requirements are simple, all you need is a quiet, comfortable space, good lighting and a journal for note taking and assignments. The Program is 1 hour, with facilitation and Q & A following.

Students who have graduated are always welcome to refresh their knowledge, by joining in. 

My intention is, for all who gather, to easily assimilate the information and transition to a higher quality of life, with lightning speed.    BENEFITS FOR ALL ABOUND!! 

Conscious Languaging Level I

Languaging Your Personal Chi

Words shape our consciousness. Our language and our feelings directly influence our health, wealth, success, unity and our abilities of understanding. This class will alert you to the use of your every day words and how they are affecting your reality. Your relationship with words will be completely transformed in a positive, enriching, regenerative way.

Mary Dennis will demonstrate how language, the words you are familiar with, hinder or help in your personal and professional relationships. How your choice of words can empower your clients and enrich your lives.

The class is straight forward and easy to learn information having immediate influence on your life’s success. It is designed to move from the language of self sabotage to the language of Feng Shui success, through the power of conscious choice. This is a series of 3 one-hour classes offered remotely over a three-week term.


Mary Dennis

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Conscious Life – Level II Intensive

Having completed the Conscious Languaging Program, this series of 3 intensive classes offered remotely over three weeks focuses on 3 key elements: IMAGINATION, VISUALIZATION, and AWAKENED PRESENCE.


Mary Dennis

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Conscious Intentional Feng Shui Professional Certification

Be Certified and Accredited as a Conscious Intentional Feng Shui Professional. This program is an immersion, and in-depth study of the art of placement. The program has been specifically designed to provide you with a rich understanding of the Universal Principals of Feng Shui. Your master teachers have created a step by step, personalized, hands on training which supports modern day applications, and a current response to the science of the person – place connection.The Conscious Intentional Feng Shui  program offers a wholistic approach of teaching, integrating societal, physics, and earth sciences, while addressing the challenges a practitioner may experience in the environment of a rapidly changing multicultural world.


Mary Dennis

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